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Why disposable drapes over Reusable Linen ?

Medi Karma

Why disposable drapes over Reusable Linen ?: A Hospital Administrator will always think, why his organisation should use disposable surgical linen and not reusable ones. Below are some factual points for the understanding purpose:

  • Barrier property to prevent patient from exogenous contamination. Disposable non- woven surgical gowns have 95- 98% bacterial filtration efficiency and 25-30 cm³/cm²/sec air permeability.
  • Nonwoven medical drapes and gowns can help prevent the spread of bacteria and microbes during surgery, thereby reducing the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.
  • The world health organization (WHO) has recommended use of disposable personal protective equipment i.e. apron, mask , gown ,cap , gloves etc. in its practical guidelines for infection control in health care facilities.
  • International studies have indicated that single-use nonwoven products reduced infection by 2.5 times compared to reusable woven textiles.
  • International studies have also shown that 56% of reusable textiles had significant defects that could seriously compromise their performance to cause infection. Nonwoven disposable fabrics are engineered to have high barrier to blood or body fluids.
  • Very comfortable for doctors and gives cloth like feeling.
  • Non-woven materials, the lint have virtually been decreased to little or no lint present.
  • Many Studies have confirmed that cost of managing reusable linen is higher than disposable linen.

This has also been a valid fact, that by using disposable linen, the healthcare facility saves a lot of time and cost by eliminating following processes:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Ironing
  • Autoclaving

To conduct all these processes we need time and manpower both, hence it brings less hassle and more savings for an administrator.

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